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Members Acknowledgement

SSM Shaadi Click Now Transparency forwarded.

Right to be involved in the case study in Exclusive packages.

Right to have any special preferences SSM Shaadi Click Now Will assist you on priority basis.

Right to have privacy & confidentiality during Further analysis,

SSM Shaadi Click Now Bride & Groom Right to information Together.

SSM Shaadi Click Now Right to know the expected cost of further procedure.

Right to refuse or discontinue the Services.

Right of informed consent.

Hand Picked Members Right to access Login credentials records.

Right of protection from physical abuse/assault or neglect from SSM Shaadi Team.

Right to have second opinion from within or outside the platform.

Right to Analysis & Scheduling

Right to respect equal everyone.


To abide by all SSM Shaadi Click Now rules and regulations.

To provide complete and accurate information about you and your family.

To be on time for your appointment with our expert.

To follow SSM Shaadi Click Now Packages recommended by your expert.

To provide complete and accurate information for Past Present.

To pay your dues on time.

To respect other Members urgent needs.

To take care of your belongings.

To understand the charter of rights and seek clarification, if any 

Right to voice your complaint.


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